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Laraib Atta makes Pakistan proud

Laraib Atta, daughter of legendary singer Attaullah Khan Niazi Esakhelvi, once again did Pakistan proud for her work on the latest film of the hugely successful Mission Impossible franchise, according to a news channel’s report. (Total Movie magazine: Now available in Pakistan, Subscribe now!)

The Tom Cruise starrer, ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ hit local theatres on Friday and is all set to conquer the box office. Atta is Pakistan’s first and youngest female visual effects artist in Hollywood.

Talking about her rise to fame at the tender age of 19 when she first made a breakthrough in 2006 during an interview with BBC, she said, ““Before I started the course I had no idea what VFX is. It’s just I knew this that it is magic for films.”


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It is the story of the suffering woman, the woman who has myriad injustices done to her but who nonetheless — and this is the important part — continues to suffer silently, stoically, patiently, with utter resignation and without any fight.


. (Economist magazine subscription in Rawalpindi/Islamabad)

Having lots of different kinds of stories about women, stories that contradict each other, stories that add depth and nuance and contrast to each other, is a requirement in the much-needed process of recognising women in the fullness of their humanity. (Courtesy Daily Dawn)

Post dated Aug 9, 2018



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